How to Port from MTN to Telkom

how to port from MTN to Telkom

Cellphone number porting is one of those things that’s almost exclusively South African. It allows people in the country to move from one network to another while retaining their mobile numbers. This provides a high degree of flexibility. If one network doesn’t feel right to you, it’s easy enough to move to another without having … Read more

Telkom Contact Details

Telkom contact details

Are you looking to for the contact details for Telkom South Africa? If yes, the number that you are going to dial will depend on what kind of customer you are. The most common are Home Customers, who will have to dial 10120 to get services. Telkom Mobile customers, meanwhile, should use 081180 to get … Read more

How to Cancel a Vodacom Contract

how to cancel a Vodacom contract

Do you wish to learn how to cancel a Vodacom contract? Vodacom is the biggest telecommunications company in South Africa. Many people take out contracts to get deals on gadgets such as phones, laptops and tablets. However, at some point, you may have discovered that the contract that you took out with Vodacom no longer … Read more