Zimbabwe’s currency craziness disadvantaging foreign VISA, MasterCard card holders

currency problems in zimbabwe

With the holiday season having come and gone, the only thing that’s left for most of us to do is to lick our financial wounds. There is something about Christmas that makes us forget that January comes next, with its array of school fees, bills and other commitments. January disease, as they cleverly call it, … Read more

Why Businesses Should opt for Professional blog Writing and Guest Posting Services

Professional blog writing

Many small businesses are coming online to make a name for themselves and get more customers or clients. To make a website stand out and provide value to the internet users, a blog is the best content marketing strategy to opt for. We have stepped into 2020 and almost every business owner knows the importance … Read more

TelOne’s ADSL: How good is it?

Is TelOne's ADSL good?

Having used TelOne’s ADSL for a few months, I feel qualified to pass judgement on its performance for the benefit of those who may be considering going down this path. To balance this write-up as much as possible, I have also solicited opinions from a few other people who use the TelOne ADSL offering. Would … Read more