The Crazy Animal Called Domain Authority

How to boost Domain Authority

The beginner blogger’s biggest enemy If you are a new blogger and have high hopes about taking the world by storm, you need  to, first of all, carefully consider your strategy. That’s because if you are not careful, the boogeyman that’s called domain authority will get you. Should this happen, you will join the ranks … Read more

DSTV Family Zimbabwe Channel List

DSTV Family Zimbabwe Channel List

Channels in the DSTV Family Bouquet The following are the Channels that can be found under the DSTV Family bouquet in Zimbabwe. Refer to the DSTV Family Zimbabwe Channel List for more on what you can get in this package; BBC Lifestyle Food Network The Home Channel Travel Channel Spice TV eTV Africa ZBC Yadah … Read more

Zimbabwe bans US Dollars: What are the implications?

Country abolishes multi-currency regime With effect from 24 July 2019, Zimbabweans will no longer be allowed to use foreign currencies when carrying out transactions in the country. The country has been using mostly USDs and Rands since 2009. With the news still filtering in about the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar (in the form of … Read more

Is my Website Penalized by Google?

Website Penalized by Google

If you have been blogging for some time, a time may come when you begin questioning whether or not your website has incurred some murky Google penalty that’s keeping it down. It usually happens when you realize that in spite of all their efforts, your site is going nowhere. The world out there is pretty … Read more

Why Guest Posting is not that Simple

Everything that you need to know about Guest Posting

Guest Posting As a beginner blogger, you will have heard that guest posting is one of the ways through which you can increase your site’s visibility on search engines. The logic behind this is solid enough. Links are an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are what allow Search Engine bots to crawl … Read more

Can you Register your NetOne Number on Ecocash?

register your NetOne number on Ecocash

Ecocash is pretty much the place to be when it comes to mobile money transfers in Zimbabwe. Yes, there is also NetOne’s OneFusion, but that only has a minor share of the market. There is also something from Telecel, but that hardly counts. Telecel is, as things stand, tottering on the brink of extinction. Anyway, … Read more

What is the “bounce rate” in Google Analytics

bounce rate in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is, without doubt, a must use tool for all website owners and managers. If you haven’t already been using this free tool then you have been getting only a blinkered view of your website’s performance. The great thing about Google Analytics is that it puts on your fingertips a lot of useful information … Read more