How to Downgrade your DSTV Package

downgrade your DSTV package

DSTV remains the best option as far as digital satellite television is concerned for most people. That’s despite the emergence on the market of such pretenders as the now practically defunct Kwese TV. One of the great things about DSTV is that it offers you a certain degree of flexibility. You can change your DSTV … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence has Changed Digital Marketing

artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing If latest magazines and research papers are to be believed, Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next big thing after the internet. We saw the power and scope of the internet. Now is the time of the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence applications have revolutionized many areas that affect our … Read more

What is a router? Router types explained

What is a router? Types of routers

Routers are, without doubt, some of the most underappreciated computer peripheral devices of the modern era. Without them, the world would not be able to enjoy the kind of connectivity that it does today. Routers were in the news recently following reports that some of them had been hijacked by the CIA and were being … Read more

How to Extract an Image from a Word Document

How to extract an image from a word document

Get an Image from a Word Document

Extracting an image from a Microsoft Office Word document is something that, at one point or the other, you may find yourself needing to do. Perhaps one of the bloggers who you have hired through Upwork has just submitted  an article that has pictures in it.

WordPress Removes Images from Word Documents

One of the things that you will discover, particularly if you are working with WordPress, is that any Word Document that you copy and paste to your site gets stripped of its images.You, therefore, actually need to first extract the images, before uploading them separately to WordPress.

Extract an Image from a Word Document

If you ever find yourself needing to extract an image from a Word document, here is how you go about doing it;

  • Open the Word Document
  • Click on the Office Button on the top left corner of your document
  • Scroll down and click on the “Save As” button
  • Choose the place where you wish to save your document. I usually save mine on the Desktop for ease of access.
  • Click on the button in front of “Save as Type.”
  • Scroll down and choose “Web Page.”
  • Click on “Save.”
  • Go to the place where you have just saved the word document as a web page. In my case, its my computer’s “Desktop.”
  • You will see that two files have now been created (See below).
  • Saving a word document as a web page creates two filesThe first is a web page that you click on in order to view your newly saved document.
  • The second is a folder in which the files for the newly created Web Page are housed.
  • This is where all the images that were once embedded within the Microsoft Office Word document will be housed.
  • What you will discover is that you will have two versions of each image. The first one will have the exact dimensions of the original.
  • The second one will be a scaled back version. The quality on the second image is not the best, although it can be useful if you need to reduce the sizes of your images.

The Crazy Animal Called Domain Authority

How to boost Domain Authority

The beginner blogger’s biggest enemy If you are a new blogger and have high hopes about taking the world by storm, you need  to, first of all, carefully consider your strategy. That’s because if you are not careful, the boogeyman that’s called domain authority will get you. Should this happen, you will join the ranks … Read more