What is Meant by 3rd Party Insurance Cover?

what is 3rd party insurance

Once you have purchased your ex-jap and have had it shipped to Zimbabwe, you will discover that you  need to pay insurance for your car every term. Indeed, all vehicles on Zimbabwe’s roads are mandated to have insurance cover. The most popular form of vehicle insurance cover for motorists in Zimbabwe is what is referred … Read more

Step by Step Guide to Get ZIMSEC “O” Level Results 2018 Online

ZIMSEC Results 2018 online

How to Quickly Check your ZIMSEC “O” Level Results Online ZIMSEC recently announced that “O” Level 2018 results will now be available online. This is good news for those that sat for their exams in November 2018. If you are one of these candidates, you can easily check your ZIMSEC results online by taking the … Read more

Response to a Guest Post Request

guest post request and response

Below is a guest post submission request and the response that we gave. Admittedly, we were rather rude, but we had just come from receiving a 100% plagiarized guest post; Guest post request   Hello,    I hope you doing good, I’m Christie blogger Vs Writer, Last day i saw your site in google (https://networkbees.com), … Read more

How to Increase Signups on your Website with Exit Intent Popups

increase signups on your website with exit intent popups

How to increase signup conversion Increasing signups on a website is, arguably, one of the major goals for businesses out there. Of all the digital marketing tools that are available in today’s internet driven world, a website is one of the most useful tools at your disposal as a marketing executive. So, how can you … Read more

Does Boosting a Facebook Post Work?

Does boosting a Facebook post work?

The not so great Facebook Post Boosting Experiment Okay, I have to say right off the bat that this experiment was a spur of the moment event. And the results that I got are, rather dismal. I also made a couple of rather elementary mistakes as you will discover in the rest of this article. … Read more

Full List of Bank Short Codes for Zimbabwe

banking short codes for zimbabwe

The following is a full list of all the bank short codes for Zimbabwe. The short codes should be useful for those that wish to use USSD for various banking transactions. BANK​                               Short Code​s (dial) Agribank                              *277# BancABC                              *242# Barclays                               *229# CABS                                   *227#  CBZ                                     *230# Ecobank                              *245#    FBC                                        *220#  MBCA                                   *299# Meikles Mycash                  *212# … Read more

What is a Computer? A Modern Definition of a Computer.

Here is a Modern Definition of a Computer

Although computers have, over the years, been defined in various ways, most of these definitions are, to say the least, pretty outdated. In a world of smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices, how, really, does one define a computer? The one thing that should be obvious right off the bat is that our notion … Read more