What is Nightwatch SEO Tracker?

If you are looking for the world’s most beautiful, yet functional SEO tracker, then you probably wont go wrong with Nightwatch. To those that have been using RankTrackr, Nightwatch comes from the same folks. This article will not waste your time talking about this and that. We challenge you to try out Nightwatch on your […]

Try out this 10 day free RankTrackr Trial

It’s the year 2019, and there are a number of things that you, as a webmaster, need to do to ensure that you stay ahead of the pack. Competition for first place on Search Engine Result Pages tends to be cutthroat, and you need to gather all the information that you can get about your […]

Which Keywords am I Ranking for?

Before that blogging passion turned into an obsession, you probably just wanted to put out a word or two. However, now that the whole thing has become rather serious, one of the questions that you are asking yourself is; “which keywords am I ranking for?” For those that are not in the know, this is […]

Top 5 ranking factors for the year 2020 (and beyond)

SEO practices that were effective over the past few years will not necessarily be of much use in 2019 and in coming years. Google keeps changing its algorithms so that it can give the best search experience to its users. Google only wants the best sites to appear at front which are relevant to search […]

Best Backlink Checking Tools for your Website

The Importance of Backlink Checking Backlinks are one of the most important aspects in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ask any Digital Marketing expert and you will be told that link building; the process by which you get people to link to your web pages from other domains, should be at the very center of your […]

The most effective keyword tracking tool 2020

Pro Rank Tracker Review Looking for a Keyword Tracking service for your SEO campaign? Read on to find out why Pro Rank Tracker is the best. [vwklhtmltables-tables id=2] At Network Bees, we have tried out a countless number of Keyword Tracking tools over the past few months. One of the best that we have, so […]

Best Keyword Ranking Tools for your Website

Why Keyword Ranking is Important Keywords are, without a doubt, one of the most important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements. In order to get your web pages to rank high, you first need to identify the terms and phrases that are being used by your target audience when making search engine queries. This process is […]

Search Engine Ranking Variations: Why do they Occur?

Why Rankings Vary from one Search Engine to the other. Those who have been following my feeble attempts to have my site ranked high on Search Engines will have read an article in which I celebrated breaking into Google’s top 100. I suppose that a few years from now, when my site has moved from […]

How to Track Website Rankings with RankTrackr

Best way to Track Website Rankings If you are looking for an accurate, simple and affordable tool that you can use to to track website rankings, then you probably won’t go wrong with RankTrackr. Although we have tried out many of the SEO tools that are out there, we can safely say that none have […]

Track Search Engine Rankings with RankTrackr

Why Track Search Engine Rankings? Need to track search engine rankings? Why not try RankTrackr? One of the most important things that you need to do, as a blogger, is track how well your site is performing on Search Engine rankings. Blogging should never be a hit and miss affair. Instead, it’s important for you […]

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