Link your Kindle Paperwhite to Goodreads

link a kindle device to Goodreads

One of the things that you will discover, if you have recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite, or any other Kindle device for that matter, is that you can now link your device to Goodreads. For those that are not in the know, Goodreads describes itself as a “social cataloguing,” website that gives individuals the ability … Read more

How to Password Protect your Kindle

password protect your Kindle

If there are children in your household and you are given to reading, well, naughty stuff that you download and buy from Amazon, then you may think about password protecting your Kindle Paperwhite. The naughty stuff is not really surprising, considering that erotica is one of the most popular genres on Kindle. Here, in any … Read more

Why you Don’t Need a Screen Guard on a Kindle Paperwhite

Screen Guard on a Kindle Paperwhite

I see a lot of you Googling: “Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation screen protector,” or “Kindle Paperwhite 2019 screen protector.” Somebody even looked for a “tempered glass for kindle.” Why do you want to spoil your reading experience? The Kindle Paperwhite does not need a screen protector! You will only spoil the reading experience! Okay, I … Read more

How to Show the Percentage Read in a Book on a Kindle Paperwhite;

show percentage read on a kindle Paperwhite

As an avid Kindle Paperwhite user, one of the useful tools that I have gotten to rely on on my screen is the percentage read option. As a result, I always have the percentage  read displayed to the bottom right of my screen. I sometimes, however, encounter an issue where the show percentage read on … Read more

How to change the font type on a Kindle Paperwhite

How to change the font type on a Kindle Paperwhite

These instructions apply even for previous editions of the Kindle Paperwhite. There is really not much difference between the software in the device, so the way you change the font type is probably going to be the same. If you have acquired a new Kindle Paperwhite and are not happy with the font type, changing … Read more

Kindle Paperwhite battery life

battery life on a Kindle Paperwhite

How long does the battery on a Kindle Paperwhite last? This article is based on my own reading experiences as an avid Kindle Paperwhite user. Most people are interested in knowing how long the batteries on their 2018, 10th Generation Kindle Paperwhites are going to last. Note that the information that’s given here also applies … Read more