Cheapest Money Transfer Agency: Worldremit vs Western Union

Cheapest money transfer agency western union vs worldremit

Western Union vs Worldremit: Which is the best money transfer agency? If you are looking to transfer money to any country using one of the popular money transfer agencies that are out there, the question of charges when sending the money will, no doubt, be on the front of your mind. We have previously reviewed … Read more

Maximum transfer amounts: Western Union vs Worldremit

maximum transfer amounts

How much can you transfer to Zimbabwe using Western Union or Worldremit? If you are looking to transfer money to friends and family in Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa and any other country for that matter, you may be wondering how much you are allowed to send in one go. … Read more

List of Western Union Agents in Zimbabwe

Western Union Agents in Zimbabwe

Where to collect money that is sent to Zimbabwe via Western Union If you have been sending money to your family and friends in Zimbabwe using Western Union, you may be worried about where they are going to collect the money from. Which banks and financial institutions in Zimbabwe are registered Western Union agents? You … Read more

How to Receive Money via PayPal in Zimbabwe

Receive Money via PayPal in Zimbabwe

A Roundabout Solution For one reason or the other, PayPal remains extremely popular in Zimbabwe, despite the fact that the world’s foremost online payments platform is not available in the country. The question of whether or not PayPal is available in Zimbabwe is one which we are often asked, and the answer, in almost all … Read more

PayPal Alternatives in Zimbabwe

Paypal alternatives in Zimbabwe

How to send money to Zimbabwe without using PayPal PayPal is a hot topic among Zimbabweans, probably because it is not available in the country. Okay, that’s something of an exaggeration. People in Zimbabwe can open PayPal Accounts. What’s more, they can link their local Visa and MasterCard cards to PayPal, which allows them to … Read more

Moneygram vs Western Union in Pictures

Moneygram vs Western Union

Which is cheaper between Moneygram and Western Union? You may be asking yourself this question while looking to send money to friends and family abroad. Find the answer in the images below. But to summarize; Moneygram tends to be way cheaper than Western Union. That’s true whatever the amount you wish to send wherever. Western … Read more

Payoneer Pending Transactions Explained

Payoneer pending transactions

You may notice, when you go into your Payoneer account, that some of the transactions are listed as pending. So, what are pending transactions in Payoneer? What does it mean when a Payoneer transaction is listed as pending? Here is everything that you need to know about Payoneer pending transactions; Pending Transactions are because Payoneer … Read more