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How to remove viruses from WordPress

WordPress Malware Removal: Here is the process
What I did when my Website was Attacked by Malware If your website has ever been attacked by Malware, you will understand the sinking feeling that this can induce. This website came under attack recently and I am only realizing…

Why Malwarebytes is a Good Antimalware

Malwarebytes is a Good Antimalware
Why Malwarebytes is the best antimalware program in the world Please note that we are affiliated with some of the companies whose products are reviewed on this blog. All our reviews are, however, based on real research by real customers.…

Phishing: Here is a Phishing Example!

Here is a Phishing Example
Phishing Example Here is a typical phishing example letter.  Phishing is one of the things that have blighted the internet over the past few years, with thousands of people across the globe losing out to cyber criminals. In any case,…

Are free VPNs Safe? VPN Safety Tips

Are free VPNs Safe
VPNs were all the rage in Zimbabwe a while back following the decision by the government to shut down connectivity to a number of popular social networking sites on the back of deadly protests across the country. As a result…

Top 10 Security Tools: Best Security Tools

Best security tools for your network
Best Security Tools for Various Operation Systems When it comes to securing your network and system, it’s important to get the best security tools that can be found on the market today. Listed below are the top 10 security tools…