Can you Register your NetOne Number on Ecocash?

Ecocash is pretty much the place to be when it comes to mobile money transfers in Zimbabwe. Yes, there is also NetOne’s OneFusion, but that only has a minor share of the market. There is also something from Telecel, but that hardly counts. Telecel is, as things stand, tottering on the brink of extinction. Anyway, most NetOne loyalists struggle when it comes to making mobile money transactions. See, they wish to use Ecocash because everybody else uses Ecocash. Meanwhile they wish to remain with NetOne, probably because the network has coverage even in their home village. So, what they are looking for is to register their NetOne lines on Ecocash. But is that even possible? Can you register your NetOne number on Ecocash?

Yes, you can Register your NetOne Number on Ecocash

Yes, you can register your NetOne line on Ecocash. That’s clearly good news for NetOne loyalists who wish to use Ecocash. What this means, if you are one of these people, is that you don’t need to abandon NetOne in order to use Ecocash. You can still use Ecocash while remaining with NetOne.

Can you Register Telecel on Ecocash?

There are also Telecel subscribers out there who wish to find out whether or not they can register their numbers on Ecocash. The answer is yes, you can register your Telelel number on Ecocash. The process is the same as when registering a NetOne number on Ecocash.

How to Register a NetOne or Telecel Number on Ecocash

The process of registering your NetOne or Telecel number on Ecocash is more or less similar to what you go through if you have an Econet line. To register NetOne or Telecel on Ecocash, you simply need to go to your nearest Econet agent or Ecocash shop and they will get your number registered.

How do I use a NetOne line on Ecocash?

Register a NetOne number on Ecocash
Register a NetOne number on Ecocash

Yes, NetOne and Telecel lines can be registered on Ecocash, but there is a catch. See, you cannot use your lines in the same way that you use your Econet lines. In order to use the NetOne number on Ecocash, you need to download the Ecocash App. That’s the only way through which you are going to be able to access Ecocash if you have a Telecel or NetOne number. You can see what we are talking about in the screenshot (above) of a chat that we had with customer support from Econet.

So, is it worth registering a NetOne Number on Ecocash?

We do have to say Econet allowing Telecel and NetOne numbers to be registered on Ecocash appears to be just the company paying lip service to requirements by POTRAZ for the country’s mobile communications providers to promote inclusivity. In reality, you cannot use a NetOne number on Ecocash the normal way. I mean, I have a kambudzi that I use for Ecocash. That will not work for a NetOne or Telecel line.

That’s because you need to have the Ecocash app on your phone. You also need data in order to access Ecocash using a NetOne line. If these conditions are not a problem to you, then go ahead and get registered. Otherwise, it may be way simpler to buy a new Econet SIM and register it on Ecocash. Get a kambudzi for it, and you can use it exclusively for Ecocash transactions without having to shift from your NetOne or Telecel number.

Are you looking to buy NetOne’s One Fusion using Ecocash? If yes, then follow the provided link to find out how to do it.

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