Find Blogging Inspiration in your Email

On the hunt for Blogging Inspiration

If, like me, you have been blogging for some time, you will, at one point or the other, have suddenly woken up to discover that you have had the inspiration sucked right out of your soul. This can happen for a number of reason and can be similar to the often stated “writers block.” Come to think of it, it is the writer’s block! You have, perhaps, been following some of the advise that’s floating out there and have been producing a blog post every day. So, where do you get blogging inspiration when the well has dried up?

Find Inspiration in your Email Address

  • I started this blog a few months ago by writing 100 posts of over 1000 words long.
  • Afterwards, I realized that I was pretty much drained.
  • If that is the case for me, what about people who have been at it for years?

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Blogging Inspiration in your Email

Blogging Inspiration in my email address

The good news is that there are many sources of blogging inspiration out there. For me, my email inbox has turned out to be a true goldmine in this regard. Whenever I hit the blogging inspiration brick-wall, I turn to my inbox for new blogging material. There is always something in there that I can write about. As an example, I have recently received emails from Payoneer and from a former client of mine on Upwork. I have also recently received a report on the movement of the keywords that I am tracking using Pro Rank Tracker. These are all topics on which I can blog.

Turn Annoyance into Blogging Inspiration

  • Almost all of the emails that I receive on a daily basis tread a fine line between being Spam and being genuine, useful messages.
  • I may have, at one point or the other, signed up for some services, for which I am now being made to pay by receiving constant unsolicited emails. While it is possible to unsubscribe from these services, I keep some of them around because, well; my inbox would otherwise be empty without them.
  • In any case, I have discovered that I can turn this annoyance into blogging inspiration. Why not blog about Amazon, or eBay or Payoneer? I mean, I only have to look into my email account to find tons of material on which I can blog.

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Its Tech Everywhere

Its probably a lot easier for me because the Network Bees is all about technology and the world in which we live has tech everywhere. In any case, even if your blog is about baking or about oxyour pet poodle, you can still find inspiration by subscribing to related services. Once you have signed up for one service or the other, you will invariably be inundated with marketing emails that you can then use as your inspiration. Its turning (near) spam on its head.

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