Best WordPress Cookie Plugin

If there is a chance that your site is going to be opened by people in the European Union, then you need to display  notification informing them about the fact that cookies from your website may be left on their machines. While recognizing the role that Cookies play in the functioning of the web, those behind the drafting of the EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive of the year 2002 appear to have been concerned about the need to preserve privacy for EU citizens.

Best WordPress Cookie Plugin

There are many ways of showing Cookie notifications on your site. The method that we use here involves the installation of a plugin. So, which plugin do we use to display cookie notifications on our site?

The Jetpack Plugin

The best WordPress cookie plugin is, without doubt, the Jetpack plugin. The great thing about Jetpack is that it comes packed with a number of useful tools that you can use to enhance the functionality of your website. The Cookies and Consents Banner is but one of them.

So, if you are already using Jetpack on your site, you don’t actually need to go around hunting for another plugin. All that you need to do is head over to the Widgets section of your site and you can activate and set this cookie plugin for WordPress. This gives you the ability to ask for cookie consent when people visit your WordPress site. Feel free to check out our other top WordPress plugins tips to learn more about how you can develop a top of the range website.

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