Is SwissMadeMarketing the best SEO Software in the World?

SwissMadeMarketing Review

The Swiss are best known for the quality of their products, and when you try out SwissMadeMarketing, you will easily understand why they are a welcome addition to the SEO Software arena. Ask any Digital Marketing executive, and you will be told that when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, all the metrics have to mesh with the precision of a Rolex Watch. Otherwise, you risk wasting time on strategies that will not result in any movement in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) profiles. So, what, you may be asking, really is SwissMadeMarketing?

LocalBizProfit by SwissMadeMarketing

Disclaimer: Should you use the links that are on this page to sign up for any of the advertised services, SwissMadeMarketing will make a small payment to us. So confident are we in this company’s ability to deliver that we have decided to put that aside here and now…

The Most Accurate SEO Software in the World

SwissMadeMarketing is a Switzerland based company that specializes in the provision of a wide variety of SEO Software. The one thing that you need to know is that each of the SEO tools that are made by the SwissMadeMarketing team is offered as a standalone product, which comes complete with its own website.

Navigating the SEO Terrain is Difficult

In order to get a clearer appreciation of how unique SwissMadeMarketing is, you need to first understand how difficult it has, over years, become to navigate the Search Engine Optimization terrain. Here are a few facts to get you going;

Clearly, the SEO terrain is a difficult one. It can only be navigated by those that have the means to gather all the important metrics and to take the steps that are needed in order to get ahead of the pack.

Enter SwissMadeMarketing

Although there are hundreds of SEO tools out there, none, from what we have been able to find out, can claim to have the same precision as SwissMadeMarketing as far as keeping sight of your SEO goals is conerned. The company provides all the marketing tools that you need in order to turn your online presence into a success. So, what are some of these tools that are offered by SwissMadeMarketing?


SwissMadeMarketing offers the following groundbreaking Inbound Marketing tools;

  • SECockpit
  • YTCockpit
  • RankTracker
  • TrafficAnalysis
  • BacklinkSpy
  • LocalBizProfit
  • MemberBizProfit
  • AffiliateBizProfit

a.   SECockpit

Price: Begins at $40 per month

SECockpit - Keyword Research Done RightThe first high quality piece of SEO Software that you will find in the SwissMadeMarketing toolkit is SECockpit. This is a high quality SEO tool that allows you to find keywords that are potentially profitable in Google. The SECockpit comes with the following features;

  • Fast Keyword Research
  • Multi-language support
  • High quality keyword analysis data
  • Competitor tracking and monitoring
  • Mobile App Keyword Research Tool

b.    YTCockpit

Price: Begins at $40 per month

YouTube is one of the sites that have, over the past few years, taken the world by storm, allowing as it does, people across the globe to share images and videos with the rest of the world. If you are one of the millions of people who publish videos to YouTube, you can use the YTCockpit SEO software from SwissMadeMarketing to find the keywords that will make your videos some of the most popular.

Why You Should Include Video in your Digital Marketing Campaign

YouTube is the world’s second largest Search Engine and finding the right keywords can help you maximize on your profits. There are number of reasons why it is a good idea for you to adopt video as part of your Digital Marketing strategy;

  • Videos have a higher conversion rate
  • Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day.
  • Linking your videos to your website is one of the ways through which you can help increase both your paid and organic traffic.
  • Videos have more likelihood of appearing on the first pages in Google.

c.   RankTracker

Rank Tracker by SwissMadeMarketing

Price: Begins at $40 per month

Rank Tracking is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. It gives you insights into how well your web pages are performing on various search engines.

d.   Accuracy and Precision: Swiss Style

At Network Bees we have, over the past few months, received numerous complaints from our readers across the globe about the accuracy of some of the Rank Tracking tools that are out there. With SwissMadeMarketing, you need not worry about that. 

All the tools under the company’s suite, including the RankTracker tool, have been designed with the kind of precision that is unmatched across the industry. SwissMadeMarketing comes with the coveted Swiss level of precision, and this is obvious in the RankTracker tool.  You can use this groundbreaking SEO tool to;

  • Track how you are ranking for your chosen keywords
  • See how well you are performing in multiple locations and languages
  • Get City Level Ranking reports
  • Get the data automatically sent to you on a daily basis.
5.   Cloud Based SEO Software

Cloud Based Rank Tracking

Another reason why we recommend SwissMadeMarketing to our readers is the fact that all the SEO software that the company produces is Cloud based. What this means is that you can keep sight of well your websites are performing from any part of the globe, without having to worry about carrying around your computer or laptop. All that you need to do in order to get you data is log into your account and you will be good to go.

6.   Traffic Analysis

Price: $30 per month

TrafficAnalysis by SwissMadeMarketing

TrafficAnalysis is another of the great SEO tools that are made by SwissMadeMarketing. This piece of SEO Software is unique, which is another of the reasons why we recommend SwissMadeMarketing to our readers. The TrafficAnalysis SEO tool gives you the ability, using the KeywordExposeNetwork, to determine where your traffic is coming from, while exposing the hidden keywords that you may be ranking for. This is great, in that it allows you to focus on those keywords on which you are doing well, thus allowing you to do even better.

A final Word

Network Bees realizes that, as we have already mentioned, there are hundreds of SEO tools out there, many of which are quite useful. However, based on the reviews that we have carried out, very few are quite at part with SwissMadeMarketing in terms of usefulness. The one thing that you will need to be on the lookout for when hunting around for keyword monitoring, keyword research and other SEO software is accuracy. With SwissMadeMarketing, you are assured of the kind of precision that the Swiss are renowned for the world over.

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