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If you have your own website or blog, chances are high that you are on the hunt for the best Search Engine rank tracking software that can be found out there.  This is of particular importance, considering the fact that Search Engine Optimization should never be a strike in the dark. It is crucial for you to gather as much information as possible on a wide variety of metrics, before, during and after embarking on your campaign.

The Importance Of Search Engines

Search Engines play an important role in the way through which we get access to the information that is contained on the World Wide Web. Just consider the fact that there are over 4.6 web pages in the world.

RankTrackr comes with accurate local tracking

What that means is that there is fierce competition for a position on the first page of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPSs). Search Engine Rank Tracking is, in this regard, of paramount importance.

It’s what enables you to keep sight of how well you are being ranked by various Search Engines. It also allows you to identify who your competitors are for your chosen keywords.

Network Bees Recommends RankTrackr

Having tried out a wide range of SEO tools, we, at Network Bees, feel confident in recommending RankTrackr to our readers;

SEO and Marketing Software in One Package

Although Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of Digital Marketing, not many of the SEO tools that you will find out there make the extra effort to bring the two together to achieve the desired results.

What do we mean by that? Network Bees has, as already mentioned, tried out a wide range of the search engine rank tracking tools that are out there. In almost all cases, their sole focus has been on discovering and revealing the various ranking metrics that can be tracked for any given website, which, on its own, is great. However, RankTrackr goes a step further, by providing you with all the tools that you need in order to effectively launch and maintain your inbound marketing campaign. Read on to get a fuller explanation of what we mean. 

RankTrackr comes with a wide range of useful Search Engine Rank Tracking Tools

Another of the reasons why we believe RankTrackr is one of the most valuable SEO companies that are out there is the fact that it provides a number of groundbreaking SEO tools that people who wish to get actionable data on their websites’ Search Engine performance should find highly useful. Here are some of the available tools;

  • Local Tracking
  • Rank Tracker
  • Social Analytics
  • Link Manager
  • White Label SEO
  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Keyword Finder
  • Insight Graph
  • API

Rank Tracker

RankTrackr offers a highly accurate, professional grade keyword tracking service that has been designed to help you keep sight of your performance on over 500 Search Engines in over 100 countries across the globe. This is, by far, clearly more than what most of the other Search Engine Rank Tracking Services that are out there have to offer.

Mobile SEO

Mobile searches are an important Search Engine Optimization aspect that you need to keep track of at all times. This has become particularly important, considering the fact that today; more searches are carried out using mobile devices than using Desktops. In fact, over 60% of all the searches that are made across the world come from mobile devices. RankTrackr helps you keep track of this important SEO component, through its Mobile Rank Tracking Feature.

Daily Updates

Another great thing about RankTrackr’s Search Engine Rank Tracking Software is the fact that it provides you with daily updates, unlike most of the other Keyword Tracking services that only offer reporting on a weekly basis. It is one of the few SEO tools that provide daily rank tracking for mobile, desktop and local search results.

Local Rank Tracking

The ability to generate and present data on a particular locality in any part of the globe is another of the many aspects that you should consider when looking for Search Engine Rank Tracking tools. This is largely due to the fact that Search Results vary depending not only on the device from which the query is being made, but also on the location from where the people who are doing the searches are based.

RankTrackr is great in this regard, since it gives you everything that you need in order to drive local business to your website. You can configure the rank tracking tool to get results for a particular country, state or city. Results can even be narrowed down to a certain post code.

Competitor Tracking

Although most of the Search Engine Rank Tracking tools that are out there allow you to identify and keep track of your competitors, Network Bees believes that none comes even close to RankTrackr in terms of producing the desired results.

With RankTrackr’s competitor analysis tools, you get graphs and reports that show you how your website is performing when compared to those of your competitors.It also gives you insights into the keywords that your competitors are being ranked better for, which should enable you to, where necessary, redefine your own SEO campaign.

Professional Reporting

Another great thing about RankTrackr is that it  does not compromise when it comes to data presentation. Once you have signed up, you will get impressive widgets and graphs that highlight, in an easy to understand way, all the metrics that you are tracking. Best of all, this tool can be set to include data from a wide variety of sources, including Bing Webster Tools, AdWords (PPC), Google Analytics (traffic) and much more.

g.   RankTrackr Comes with Social Media Analytics

Social media has become an important part of the way through which people communicate and do business across the globe. That is why it is important for you to include it as part of your SEO strategy. RankTrackr gives you the tools that you need in order to achieve this, including through the monitoring of engagement on your social media campaigns. The following networks are supported;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

You can use Google Analytics, which comes integrated into RankTrackr, to measure the effectiveness of your Social Media campaign, by following a wide range of data points.

3.     Plans and Pricing

All the professional grade features that come with RankTrackr’s Search Engine Rank Tracking software are available to you beginning from $69 per month. Although there are a few of the company’s competitors that are priced a bit lower, none of them manage to provide the amount of data that you get when using RankTrackr. This is a tool that we, at Network Bees, have been trying out for some time and we have to say that, so far, we have been impressed by what we have seen. 


Network Bees believes RankTrackr is one of the best Search Engine rank tracking SEO tools that are out there. For those of our readers who are looking for a way through which they can keep track of their websites’ performance on SERPs, this is the tool that we most recommend. It comes with everything that you need in order to effectively mount your inbound marketing campaign. Should you wish to try out this great rank tracking software, you can get a RankTrackr discount by clicking on the following banner;

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