Best Science Fiction Novel So Far This Year

The first thing that I need to admit to here is that I am something of a Science Fiction junkie. Give me a good novel or movie about aliens; particularly one that has a good plot, and I will spend the next few hours engrossed in its twists and turns. I get most of the books that I read from Amazon. Most of them are actually free, although I do buy one or two cheep eBooks once in the proverbial while. The thing about Amazon, however, is that, with millions of books available for the avid reader, most of which are quite unreadable, it can be difficult to find something that’s truly stimulating. So, which has been the Best Science Fiction Novel so far this year?

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Stop Littering: Place in a BinScience Fiction

Best Science Fiction Novel: Stop Littering: Place in a Bin

Settling on the best Sci Fi novel is, of course, always going to be subjective. However, if, like me, you are enthralled with humor; and if you wish you had not been born this early in humanity’s technological endeavors, then you will find Stop Littering: Place in a Bin quite enthralling. 


The book is set thousands of years into the future. Humanity has been decimated by a plague, leaving the planet mostly populated by robots. The problem for the androids is  that, having been created to fulfill one particular purpose or the other, the absence of their human masters now gives them an idleness that borders on the hilarious.

Robot Police Officer P22

When the main character, Robot Police Officer P22, catches one of the few remaining human beings throwing greasy French fries into the street; the first “crime” in several centuries, things quickly spiral out of control. John, the human “criminal,” find himself being helplessly carried along on the deadly, yet hilarious conveyor belt that is the metallic justice system.


The book, we have to admit, has elicited mixed responses from readers. The main issue that some have with it is the fact that it does not appear to have been properly edited. While we agree with this analysis, people who read a lot of books on Amazon understand that you do have to make allowances for the fact that many of the writers are indies who either do not have the needed resources, or are not bothered with hiring professional editing services.

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Want to check this book out? You can do so by following this link. Tell us afterwards if you agree with our assessment that this is the Best Science Fiction Novel that can be found out there. If you would rather go on an entirely different trajectory, why not check out some of the must have kitchen appliances that can be found on Amazon.

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