How Artificial Intelligence has Changed Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

If latest magazines and research papers are to be believed, Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next big thing after the internet. We saw the power and scope of the internet. Now is the time of the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence applications have revolutionized many areas that affect our lives. Digital marketers are using Artificial Intelligence as a tool to understand the customer behavior better and to market their brands to a larger audience.

For a long time, Digital Marketers were in a dilemma whether Artificial Intelligence is a long-term technology or if it is over-hyped technology. They were hesitant to implement Artificial Intelligence solutions to the digital marketing strategy. However looking at the results they were getting from Artificial Intelligence, they were amazed and wanted to know more about this technology. They have now understood that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay for long and is not just a passing fad.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing:  

The question arises why Digital Marketers need Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence makes life easier for the Digital Marketers. It has reduced manual work to a great extent. It has helped in providing answers to the various questions for Digital Marketers. Questions such as; who are our target audiences. What type of messages should I be sending? When should the message be sent and over what channel(s)? Getting the right answer to the problem is half the battle won. AI can be more focused on delivering ads to people, with less guesswork.

Artificial intelligence is largely dependent on data. Data is everywhere. We are producing trillions of data every day. But only 33 percent of data is useful for the Digital Marketers. This huge amount of data needs to be processed and analyzed for getting better insights into customer behavior.

Humans are limited when it comes to data processing

But processing a huge amount of data is not possible for humans. Seeing the amount of data, humans usually abandon the data and take decisions on the basis of their own experience. This is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to understand customer behavior. It can segmentize, analyze and filter the important data. Artificial intelligence as a service is providing useful information to Digital Marketers, such as how to make better use of the data campaigns, which customers are interested in your emails and how many of them clicked on them. It also gives insights on how to personalize the user experience.

Artificial intelligence is helping in providing all these answers to Digital Marketers. Digital Marketers can now plan their campaigns better than before. They can target their audiences better and this results in better conversion rates.

Now let us discuss how Artificial Intelligence is changing digital marketing forever.

  • Making better predictions: Artificial intelligence is helping in the making of better predictions by analyzing the data. Almost all digital marketing campaigns are now using Artificial Intelligence techniques. Artificial intelligence can understand human behavior better. Advertisements have become more focused than ever. Artificial intelligence applications help in better understanding the consumer at the micro level. The advertisements are more tailored than ever as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are better able to understand consumer behavior.
  • Better Customer Segmentation: Artificial intelligence is helping in better customer segmentation. Businesses need to segment their customers on the basis of their likes, dislikes, interests and past searches. This helps in better understanding the choices of the customer. Digital marketers are able to plan their marketing campaigns in such a way that they are highly focused and customized. Artificial intelligence as a service has helped Digital Marketers in performing better customer segmentation.
  • Improved user experience: One of the Artificial Intelligence applications is to use the chatbots in the customer support service. You may have heard of chatbots at some point of time or the other. While using a website you may have noticed a customer support chat service. You may have used it too to ask your queries. There is a high chance that it is a chatbot. Chatbots are built using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms. They have the ability to make conversations with the humans. They have the ability to answer the queries of the customers. Moreover, they are available 24/7 at the customer support service.
  • Improved Content Marketing: For any digital marketing campaign, good content is a key. Good content will not only drive traffic to your website but also improve the ranking of the website. Google has placed good content at the top spot as a ranking factor of search engine result pages. As voice searches are becoming more and more prominent, it is necessary to produce content that is in human conversational form so that search engines are able to find your website.


Artificial intelligence applications have changed how digital marketing being carried out in today’s world. Digital marketers are now in a stronger position to understand their customers’ behavior. This has helped in pinpointing the target customers. This has also reduced the cost of carrying out digital marketing campaigns. Customer support services have also gotten a boost from AI powered chatbots.

Artificial intelligence companies are providing solutions to Digital Marketers that are making life easier for them. In the upcoming future, there is a lot more to come that will completely revolutionize the digital marketing world.

So, in summary, we can say artificial intelligence is already all around us. The good news is that there are a lot of artificial intelligence solutions out there. And they will keep growing in the coming future.

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