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Which DSTV Payment Points are available for Zimbabweans?

DSTV Payment Points Zimbabwe

Making your DSTV payments in Zimbabwe has gotten rather convoluted over the past year or so. The currency crisis that the country has been going through means that you need to do some detective work before making your DSTV payments. The following are some of the DSTV payment points that are available for Zimbabweans;

  • Banks
  • Online
  • In South Africa
  1. Banks

Quite a number of banks in Zimbabwe still act as DSTV payment points. The only catch is that you can no longer make your DSTV payments using your RTGS balances. What this means is that you actually need to hunt around for forex cash before making your payment.

This, without a doubt, is something that most Zimbabweans will find difficult. Anyway, however, you end up finding your money, you can make your cash USD payments at the following banks that act as DSTV Payment points;

  • CABS (Cash only)
  • FBC (Cash)
  • Nedbank (Account holders only)
  • POSB (Cash only)
  • STANBIC (Cash only)
  • CBZ (Cash only)
  • NMB(Cash Only)
  • ZB Bank (Cash only)
  1. Pay your DSTV Online

You can also use the internet as a DSTV payment point. However, to do so, you need to have a loaded VISA or MasterCard card. A solution in this regard is to purchase a prepaid forex card from any bank in Zimbabwe.

The steps that you need to take in order to make your DSTV Payment over the internet are outlined in this article.

  1. DSTV Payment Points in South Africa

This is another option as far as settling your DSTV Zimbabwe accounts is concerned. Multichoice now allows you to have your DSTV subscriptions paid by friends and family in South Africa. All that they need to do in order to do so is go to the following supermarkets, which act as DSTV payment points;

  • Checkers
  • Pick n Pay
  • Shoprite
  • Kazang

All that is needed is for them to take your Smartcard Number to any of the above DSTV payment points and they should be able to make your DSTV Zimbabwe account payments.

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