Amazon Associates Introduces OneLink

Link your Amazon Associates U.K, Canada and United States Accounts

One of the complaints that you will hear with regards to Amazon’s Associates program, is the fact that although it is one of the largest affiliate programs that can be found out there, you actually need separate accounts for different countries. Thus, if you wish to promote the products that are offered by Amazon to your clients in the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Brazil and many other countries,  you need to open accounts in each of these stores. So, what is Amazon Associates OneLink and how does it work?

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in this regard is that you actually need to write separate articles for each of your Amazon Associate accounts. Readers are also directed to the store whose affiliate links you have included on your site. As an example, if you produce an article about modern kitchen appliances and have included links from your US Amazon Associates account, people from the U.K and Canada will be directed to the US store. This, as we have already noted, reduces your chances of conversion.

Introducing Amazon Associates OneLink

This is where OneLink comes into play. Amazon has now made it possible for people to monetize traffic that comes from the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada, by linking your UK, US, and Canadian Associate IDs.  So, how does OneLink work?


OneLink allows you to monetize international traffic through oneTag, a piece of code that you put in the footer of your website. Once you have everything set up, the code directs your Canadian and UK readers to their local stores. This comes with a number of advantages, not least of which is the fact that they get to see products that are listed in their local currencies. They also benefit from cheaper and faster shipping, by purchasing from their localities.

How to Integrate Amazon Associates OneLink on your Website

How to Set up OneLink

  • Sign up for an Amazon U.K Associate Account
  • Sign up for an Amazon Canada Associate Account
  • Log into your Amazon Associates U.S Account
  • Click on Tools and Choose “OneLink”
  • Map your US/UK and US/Canada accounts by clicking on “Click here to link,” under Step 1.
  • When that is done, move on to Step 2 and click on “Get the code here.”
  • Put the code into the footer on your site.

That’s it. You are done setting up Amazon Associates Onelink. Now when people click on US store ads on your site from Canada or the U.K, they will be directed to similar or identical items (depending on your preferences) on Amazon UK and Amazon Canada, and you will be credited for any sales that are made there.

Setting up Amazon Associates oneTag code on a WordPress Website

I had a bit of an issue setting up the oneTag code on this website. Amazon recommends that the script be put at the end of the body tag on a website’s template. That statement alone is not very useful, particularly if you are not a tech guru. Network Bees is a WordPress website, and I finally stumbled upon the video below, which shows you how to go about inserting the code into your site.

As you can see in the above video, the Amazon Associates Onelink code is inserted using a text widget that is placed in the footer area of your website. Doing this is all that you need to do in order to start monetizing your Canadian and UK traffic.

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