Why an AdSense Ban does not really matter

Oh, the Despair of an AdSense Ban!

If you have ever fallen prey to an AdSense ban, then you will know how stinging the rebuke can be. Chances are high that you are still persona non grata, even though years have passed. You have, perhaps, made numerous attempts to have the suspension removed to no avail. As many have told in tales that litter the internet, getting out of an AdSense ban is almost impossible. If you were kicked out, chances are that you will remain kicked out for the rest of your life. Other than by moving to Mexico (will that still be possible with that wall?), and assuming an entirely new identity, there is practically nothing that you can do to get back in.

Why you were Banned: The AdSense Ban was Probably  justified

The ban that was imposed on you was, we have to say, probably justified. I have previously written an article on some of the reasons why people incur AdSense bans. Here is a summary of these reasons;

  • You clicked on your own ads. (Who does that, really?)
  • You asked your mother, father, friends and colleagues to click on the ads that are on your site.
  • The website on which you placed your ads peddles pornography and other inappropriate content.
  • You may have tried to mislead visitors to your site into clicking by making the ads look similar to content.
  • Perhaps out of charity (really?), you asked visitors to your site to click on the ads, whose proceeds you promised to hand over to a charitable organization of your liking (you).

In any case, there are many reasons why you may have landed yourself in a tight spot. Most of these have to do with dishonesty. However, it has to be said that sometimes, the fault is not entirely yours; someone might have click-bombed your site in a bid to get you chucked out of AdSense. So, what do you do when you find yourself at the wrong end of an AdSense ban?

  1. Don’t Cry (Okay. At least don’t wail).

I have read about people jumping out of bed after reading the damning letters from AdSense, and running around their apartments in apparent confusion.

Well, perhaps nothing that dramatic. However, the fact remains that an AdSense ban can be devastating, largely due to the fact that the program remains one of the best ways through which you can monetize your blog.

There is, nevertheless, no need for you to wail uncontrollably, unless you are this guy, who is reported to have lost $46 000 in an AdSense ban.

  1. Find out why you were Banned from AdSense

The first practical thing that you need to do after and AdSense ban is find out why you were kicked out of the program in the first place. 

We have already discussed some of the reasons why people get banned from the program. Its important for you to get to the bottom of the facts, as they will help you going forward.

  1. Appeal your ban

The good news is that Google has laid out an appeals process, which you can use to try and get back into the program. You can begin the process by going to this page.

There is some bad news however. Your appeal will probably be handled by robots, and, although there have been reports of people getting back into the AdSense program, chances are very high that your appeal will be rejected.

  1. It’s not the end of the world

If you succeed in your appeal, then, please tell others how you did it when so many have failed. If, however, you fail to have your AdSense ban reversed, feel free to revisit point number one in this article.

Whatever you do, remain calm because, as you shall see in the next point, getting kicked out is not necessarily the end of the world.

  1. Look for AdSense Alternatives

Here, I have some more of the qualified good news. Although AdSense remains one of the best ways through which you can generate income from your site through ad placements, there are alternatives out there, some of which are quite good. Here is a list of some of the alternatives that you can use after an AdSense ban;

However, this is where the bad news sets in. The thing about all these alternatives is that, while they are useful enough, they are just alternatives. None will be able to give you the amount of revenue that you were getting from AdSense. Which is really a pity, as the next point will show you;

  1. You Probably Would Never Have Gotten Rich Through AdSense Anyway

The things that gets us all trooping to AdSense and other website monetization schemes are the tales of millions that have been made by full town moms, somewhere or the other; or by school dropouts from a dingy garage or musty bedroom.

The truth, however, is that not many people are making enough to even afford a few burgers through any of these schemes. Take AdSense as an example. Did you know that you need to attract about 1000 visitors to your site in order to generate the princely sum of a single dollar?

Indeed, this guy even claims that an AdSense ban was the best thing that ever happened to him.

You need to be really big

What this means is that you actually need to be really big in order to start generating anything meaningful from the program. I mean, tens of thousands daily visitors big. For most bloggers, that, clearly, remains a pipe dream. All that you will ever manage is your mother, your twin sister and, maybe, a few of your colleagues from your full time job (which you have been hoping to ceremoniously quit using the now deflated AdSense windfall). So, why all that pining about AdSense? There are better ways through which you can leverage your measly followers to generate income, as you will find out by reading this article.

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