Add Estimated Reading Time in WordPress

Display Post Reading Times in WordPress

If you wish to add the estimated reading time to your WordPress posts, this article shows you a simple way of doing it. We have come across some articles that tell you that adding reading time in WordPress requires that you edit one thing or the other in your CSS. That is hardly necessary, considering that simpler ways exist of showing your readers the estimate of time that they can expect to spend reading each article.

Use a plugin to show the estimated reading time in WordPress

In order to show the estimated reading time in WordPress, all that you need to do is use a plugin that does the job without having to resort to complicated procedures. There are several plugins that have been designed to help you add reading time in your WordPress articles;

Okay, the last two may not be exactly what you are looking for. However, they are still relevant. The Worth the read plugin shows the progress that a reader has made on the post through the use of a progress meter.

The Post reading time admin panel plugin, on the other hand, comes in handy for administrators who wish to see the estimated amount of time that readers will spend on each post.

Why show reading times?

Showing reading times on your website is simply a good way through which you can ensure that your readers get the most value from your site.

Are longer posts the way to go?

This is a question that ties into the issue of estimated reading times in WordPress. SEO best practices state that longer articles are better. However, in reality, and as a reader yourself, you will find that shorter, to the point articles are preferable. We all have other things to do, and spending more than 2 minutes on an article is hardly worth the effort. Indeed, it is our firm belief on this blog that articles that are less than 300 words are the best, but then Yoast and all the other Search Engine Optimization plugins say otherwise. Oh well!

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