Which Page Builder are you Using on your Site?

In WordPress, Page Builders can be wonderfully confusing things. You probably already have one installed on yours’ yet you have never deigned use it. However, you need not be afraid. Page builders in WordPress are designed to simplify life for you, by giving you an easy way through which you can custom create pages on your site.

What is a page builder?

A Page builder is a piece of software that is used to create custom pages. Page builders help people modify their websites beyond the limits of their themes.

Why you need a page builder

You probably chose the theme that you have because it has all the features that you want, yet these tend to be cast in stone, so to speak. If you are looking for customization that goes beyond what you will get from you chosen WordPress theme, then a page builder will do the work for you.

Example of Page builder use

The home page on this website was created using a page builder. Before it’s creation, the home page on the Network Bees website looked nothing like what it does today. Not that we are saying it was not good or anything.

The point to Page builders is that they allow you to be creative when coming up with pages for your site. The Page builder that we use allows for the drop and drag addition of new features, which is wonderful and means that it can be used by anyone; even those that do not have much technical knowledge.

Which Page Builder do we use?

The Page Builder that we use on this website is called Elementor. As already mentioned, it allows us to custom drag and drop components onto the pages that we are creating. So, which Page builders are you using on your own WordPress website and how have you been finding the experience so far?

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