7 Best Easy To Use PDF Combiners For 2022

Are you looking for PDF combiners to simplify the process of file management for your business? PDFs (Portable Document Format) are a common feature in our daily lives. There is not a single activity that does not use the PDF format. Unfortunately, PDF files can be challenging to manage at times, especially when dealing with a large number of separate files.

Sharing such spread files can be difficult. It is possible that you are compiling a number of reports and/or data and need to deliver them to someone. It would be preferable if all of the different files or reports on the same data were merged into a single file. Fortunately, we now have sophisticated technologies to assist us in making our jobs easier. So, what are the best PDF combiners that can be found out there?

Review of 7 Best Easy To Use PDF Mergers for File Management 

In this section, we are going to look at the most popular PDF combiners that can be found out there. Every tool has advantages and disadvantages, and it may be difficult for some individuals to choose between them, especially when there are so many alternatives accessible online that provide so many functions.

Some of them may be paid tools with free trials, while others are completely free. Some may have generic functions and some may have really special features. So, in order to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list.


Merge PDF is one of the best PDF combiners in the world
Merge PDF is one of the best PDF combiners in the world

Mergepdf.io is one of the most reliable online PDF combining services that can be found out there. It is a simple web tool that allows you to combine several files as well as re-arrange and organize your PDFs. Mergepdf carries a beautiful and easy-to-use user interface, and “drag and drop” is one of the simplest methods to get started.

It is a safe and secure online PDF tool that preserves your privacy by not storing your PDF data. The Mergepdf tool likewise provides the best results without sacrificing file quality. It may be viewed from any computer or mobile device with an active internet connection.

Even if you close your search engine by accident, the final edited version of your file remains available, which is great because you will not have to repeat the entire process.


  • Accessible Online 
  • Free of Cost  
  • Easy And Consumer-Friendly Design 
  • Secure And Safe  
  • Multi-Device Compatibility


  • Only Available Online


ILovePDF is a simple web utility tool. That simplicity makes it one of the best pdf combiners that can be found out there This online tool is highly flexible because it can convert, unlock, compress, combine, divide, and even watermark PDF files. This tool allows users to access their data straight from cloud storage, which is quite useful when you only have files saved in the cloud.


  • Up to 25 PDF files and 100MB total are available for free.
  • To reorganize, use the drag and drop feature.
  • Other PDF tools are included.
  • DropBox and Google Drive may be accessed directly.


  • The free version Has Advertisements


PDF Combiner is one of the best PDF combiners out there
PDF Combiner is one of the best PDF combiners out there

The Pdfcombiner.co is a great document management tool since it combines all of the files you give into a single core document. At times, you may need to provide a few PDF documents of the same type or category. This may be problematic, especially if you are giving it to someone who would have difficulty managing and preserving that many document files.

The ideal way to handle this is to provide a technique for combining all of the PDF files into a single document. The PDF Combiner does just that, allowing you to merge several PDF documents into a single document with ease. The method is straightforward, which means that anybody may apply it.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF comes third on our list and is one of the greatest PDF utilities accessible, both online and as downloadable software. Multiple functions are available both online and as offline software. On any platform, you may access your files online or offline.

Begin on your PC, save to Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, or Evernote, then complete the task even on your smartphone. Soda PDF’s cloud storage connection offers users quick access to all of their files, which is especially useful if they work on numerous devices and allows them to work remotely.


  • Accessible On Both Online And Offline Platforms.
  • Cloud Storage Available
  • Multi-Role PDF tool 


  • PDF Encryption Not Available
  • No Page Reordering OnThe Free Version

Small PDF 

You may be taken off by the name, but you will not be put off by the features this online PDF tool offers. Is your file too large? Need a compressed file. Do you require a certain format? Need a file converted. Is everything becoming a mishmash?

Files can be merged and divided, or extra pages can be removed. Smallpdf has everything. With only a few clicks, this PDF tool allows you to combine, divide, compress, and rotate PDF files. PDF files may also be converted quickly and effortlessly.

There is no need to switch between applications anymore! Save time by saving, organizing, and sharing files across devices directly from their website. SmallPDF provides a 7-day PRO trial after which you may choose to pay for the full version yearly or monthly, but given its seamless features, it is not a terrible investment to make.


  • Interface Is Plain 
  • Completely Online 
  • Dropbox And Google Drive Direct Access 
  • Conversion Tools Integrated For Documents 


  • Slow Uploads Are Possible
  • Single PDF files Cannot Be Arranged  
  • Site Has Ads
  • Complete File Deletion After 1 Hour       

 Adobe Acrobat  

When using the Acrobat online tool to combine PDF files, you can reorganize, add, or delete files before merging them into a single PDF. If you need to reorder individual pages in your combined PDF, you will need to sign in. You may adjust the sequence of your PDF pages by adding, deleting, moving, or rotating them as needed.

When you are ready, share your combined file with others so they may look at it and comment on it. The file may be viewed in any web browser, such as Google Chrome, on any operating system, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. You may join up to 1,500 pages of PDFs with the Acrobat Merge PDFs tool. You can combine up to 100 files, with each file having a 500-page restriction.


If you work with scanned photos and PDFs on a regular basis, you will need to merge two or more files at some time. There are several methods for combining two PDFs into a single file. You may need to install desktop software and purchase a premium version, or you may just utilize 2PDF, a free online service.

Converting, OCR, merging, dividing, password locking, unlocking, and rotating PDFs are all possible with 2PDF. After you have submitted your first file, you may add any additional files you want to mix with it. You have complete control over how the files are sorted and shuffled.

Once everything is in order, click the red button to combine the PDFs. It only takes a few seconds, and you can then download the combined file.


  • Files deletion From The Server 
  • Reordering And Deletion Made Easy By “Page Mode” Feature
  • Encryption Algorithm of 256-bit   
  • Simple And Uncomplicated User Interface


  • Upload Rate May Lag
  • One Complimentary Trial Every Hour 
  • Online Only             

 Why prefer online tools over offline software!?

Online tools like these PDF Utility tools are very advantageous because they provide a “One Size Fits all solution” service, which means that all you have to do is select and uploads your PDF files on the site, then choose the option that the tool provides you, then wait for the procedure to finish and you will have your files fixed in no time.

Not only does this save you time, but it also allows you to work smarter rather than harder, whereas, with offline software, you must first make a pick from all of the options before waiting for it to download. It may occasionally occur that your device may have a problem and the program may hang due to some cause. Additionally, you may need to make a user account which may cause an obstruction and only add to your annoyance.

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