6 Killer Tips for Writing Professional Blog Posts

Let’s face it, anyone with a computer could probably produce articles for any of the blogs that are out there. However, there is a difference between churning out drivel and writing content that readers will actually read and appreciate. There are many challenges facing writers today, and this article gives tips for writing professional blog posts.

Blog Writing Tips

Below are blog writing tips to help you create content that drives people to your site;

Don’t be obsessed about article length

Does size matter when it comes to blogging?

One of the things that you will hear mentioned is that you should always strive to produce long length articles. That’s because longer articles are, ostensibly, favored by Search Engines, including Google.

However, our first bit of advice when it comes to writing professional blog posts is that you should never get hung up on the length of your posts. The entire thing is something of a farce anyhow. People do not actually have the luxury of spending hours glued to their screens while reading your 2000 word article.

They would rather get the information that they are looking and leave. So, what’s the ideal blog length? Well, just give people what they want and when you are done, stop writing.

This could be in an article that’s 50 word long, or in one that’s 5000 word long. In any case, the whole point is not to get obsessed about article length. The most popular articles on this blog are less than 300 words long, while there are others that run to 3000 words that have never been read.

Write about something that matters to people

blog about hot topics
Coronavirus is currently trending. Find and blog about topics that matter to people and write about them

The great thing about the internet is that it allows people to so easily derive value from available content. What you need to do as a writer is to make sure that you are giving people what they are looking for. This way, they will read your content and share it among their friends.

Of course, part of this process involves carrying out keyword research, which allows you to precisely target the search terms that your target audience is using.

What does it mean to provide value?

To provide value through content is merely to give people something that is useful to their lives. As an example, you may provide value by teaching people how to drive a car, or how to carry out effective Search Engine Optimization.

Then when people who want to learn how to drive, or how to SE optimize their sites, look for information online, they will stumble across your content and will derive something meaningful from reading it.

Have images in your articles

images are great in blogging
Readers like posts that have images

The truth of the matter is that a single image probably has a better chance of conveying what you are trying to say than a hundred words. You should, in this regard, make sure that the professional blog posts that you are writing are made even more appealing through the use of relevant images and videos.

Okay, so you don’t want to overdo it, lest your content becomes “heavy,” but a couple of images strategically placed will go a long way in negating the boredom that comes from reading text only content.

Short paragraphs are better

Unless your story is really captivating, one of the things that you will discover, with regard to writing professional blog posts, is that short paragraphs are always better.

Again, it all has to do with the fact that text tends to get tiring after a little while and the white spaces between the paragraphs serve the important role of breaking the monotony.

Use Bullets and Numbers

Another way of breaking the monotony when writing professional blog posts is through the use of bullets and numbers. Other than that, ordered lists actually have a lot of SEO benefits.  Google favors them when presenting snippets in search with regard to one subject or the other.

Tips for Writing Professional Blog Posts
Google loves bullets

Let’s take the example of one of our most popular articles, in which we talk about changing the WiFi password on a TP link router. As you can see in the above image, the fact that we used an ordered list works in our favor, in that our results appear right at the number one spot, with the tips that we give in this regard listed as they appear in the article.

Personalize the story and tone

Finally, one good way of writing Professional Blog Posts involves personalizing the story. The words that you write do not really have that much depth, unless they can be related to a real life situation.

Blogging is, as it turns out, not rigid. You can use whatever tone you feel suits you without encountering some linguistic police somewhere. The thing to remember is to just let the words flow, and you will be okay. Write from the heart, and you wont have problems attracting readers.

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