5 Tips for CCTV Video Surveillance System Maintenance

Installing a CCTV Security System is a basic piece of every property’s insurance and security plan. However, the quest for a safe living space doesn’t start and end just with setting up CCTV cameras everywhere. If you wish to get the most out of your system, you need to carry out proper CCTV system maintenance.

Full maintenance boosts a system life cycle and makes it a lot more effective. It likewise helps save on fix and substitution costs. Because of this, you should never disregard the maintenance of your video surveillance systems in Chicago or elsewhere.

If you’re new to taking care of and keeping up with security systems, here are the best maintenance tips to help you get started;

5 Tips To Maintain Your CCTV Security Systems

Here is a rundown of five significant things that you need to deal with to increase the effectiveness of your CCTV system:

1.   Clean your Camera’s Lens Regularly

In spite of the fact that this ought to be obvious, oddly, many individuals ignore routinely cleaning their CCTV cameras focal points. That defeats the whole reason for having such a system set up. Climate inconsistencies, birds’ action, dust, and other airborne items block the focal point’s capacity to monitor the intended space. We advise using a compacted air can to blow away all the dirt. Follow it up with cleaning using a microfiber brush.

2.   Keep A Check On Power Supply

Another thing that you need to do is to constantly keep an eye on the power supply as part of your CCTV system maintenance routine. Use a voltmeter to ensure that your CCTV camera is getting the power supply that’s in line with its model’s design. Using an incorrect power supply can damage the gadget. Batteries and power supplies are essentially less expensive to replace than investing in another CCTV camera.

3.   Guarantee Connectivity Of Cables

Make sure the camera, DVR screen, and additional components of the system are getting power by keeping an eye on every one of the connectors. Pay special attention to damaged wires and never allow any of them to stay uncovered.

4.   Keep A Check On Corrosion

You should also monitor your CCTV system for signs of corrosion. Check the connectors routinely and get them replaced when you spot indications of rust. Should rust be allowed to spread it can make your gear less effective.

5.   Keep up with Timestamps

Indeed, even short power blackouts can upset the timestamp settings of your video surveillance systems, so you need to watch out for that and continue resetting when required. Guarantee that the NVR/DVR processes the right time and date so you know what event happened at what time.

The Bottom Line

Maintenance is fundamental to getting the most out of your CCTV security system. Of course, many people set up their systems only as part of the process of deterrence. However, that becomes ineffective in the even that someone has breached your home or office. What you need to have a system that’s functioning according to design. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money to set it up in the first place.

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