5 Essential Tips for Using Google Search Console

If you are a website owner or a webmaster, then Google’s Search Console is something that you should have on your fingertips. Formerly known as Google Webmaster tools, Search Console gives you a wide range of metrics that are indispensable to the running of your website. In fact, you will find that a number of services that are offered for purchase by companies out there are available on the Search Console dashboard free of charge.Here are a few search console tips to help you boost your website’s performance;

  1. Search Console Allows you to submit a sitemap

Use Search Console to submit sitemaps

Debate over the importance of sitemaps rages, yet there can be no doubting the fact that making your own submissions to Google gives you the extra boost that you need in order to give your website greater visibility. There are many services out there that enable you to generate a sitemap. Once you have that, feel free to submit it to Google through your Search Console dashboard.

  1. Use Search Console to understand the Keywords for which you are ranking

This is something about which we have previously talked. Search Console provides you with a lot of data, including information about the keywords for which you have been ranking. A while back, Google revamped Search Console.

In the new Search Console Dashboard you can actually download a report highlighting all the keywords for which you have been ranking over the past week or months. This can be found under “Performance.” Feel free to follow the steps that are outlined in the provided article for more.

  1. Check out your site’s mobile friendliness in Search Console

Another great thing about Search Console is that it also allows you to check out your site’s mobile friendliness. Being mobile friendly is extremely important as far as websites are concerned. These days, the majority of searches that are made out there come from mobile devices.

As a result, Search Engines are now prioritizing websites that are mobile friendly for mobile searches. In your Search Console Dashboard, you can check out whether or not there have been issues with regard to your site’s mobile friendliness. This information can be found under “Mobile Usability.”

  1. Get information about your links

Links remain one of the major items that are used by Search Engines when assigning a rank to a website. Search Console allows you to monitor your performance in this regard. Under “Links,” you can see the sites that have been linking to yours and the text that they have been using when making those links (the anchor text).

You also get an overview of the internal links that are on your site. Under Links, you also get an overview of your top linking sites, as well as the top linking text.

  1. Discover and deal with errors that may affect your rankings

Once in a while, errors are going to crop up on your website. The great thing is that Search Console notifies you about these errors. This allows you to go into your Search Console to identify and correct them. As mentioned at the top, Search Consoles provides you with a lot of useful data that allows you to run a professional and successful website.

Hope you have found these search console tips useful. Feel free to leave a comment in the space below if you need further clarification.

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