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ZIMSEC Closes Online Results Checking Portal

ZIMSEC has just put up a notice on its website announcing that learners who sat for their “O” level Examinations in November 2018 can no longer check their results online. You can see the notice on the screenshot below. This was something on which we speculated a few days ago.

ZIMSEC closes online results checking portalWhat does the closing of the results checking site mean?

What this simply means is that learners who had not accessed their results over the internet will now have to visit their respective centers to get their results.

A bad move on the part of ZIMSEC

The decision by ZIMSEC to disable the online results checking platform is, in our view, a very bad move. The surprisingly innovative decision to make “O” and “A” level results accessible online had definitely been a good move.

Instead of having to travel long distances to access their results, now all that learners needed to do was go online and they could see what they had gotten in the 2018 ZIMSEC examinations.

Why did ZIMSEC close the online checking platform?

This is something on which we have previously conjectured on this platform. There could be a number of reasons why ZIMSEC decided to close its online results checking platform;

  • Perhaps schools complained about now being unable to get fees areas from learners. Previously, they had used the withholding of results to get what they were owed by students. However, this had since been declared illegal by the courts in Zimbabwe.
  • Perhaps the online results checking portal had become overwhelmed. However, this does not appear to be the case.

Going forward

Going forward, ZIMSEC needs to reopen the results checking portal. In spite of any misgivings that may have come from schools, allowing students to check their results online is definitely the way to go. It also allows prospective employers to verify any results that they may be shown by people who they wish to employ.

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