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Make Money Through AdSense? Perhaps not!

If you have a website, chances are high that, at one point or the other, you would have carried out research on some of the ways through which you can monetize your creation. Chances are also high that on top of your list of potential digital money making ventures would have been Google’s AdSense. That is hardly surprising, considering that you will often stumble, while browsing through the internet, upon countless rags to riches tales that relate to AdSense. There are apparently bloggers out there who have made millions through the program. Unfortunately, I am not one of them and neither will you likely be.

You wont make it rich through AdSense earnings

My AdSense Earnings for the past month

As already noted, there are bloggers at the top of the scale who keep us going by publishing eye watering AdSense earnings reports. People hardly get any information from those on the bottom of the rung. That is why I have decided to publish my own earnings, to give you a reality check. Below is a screenshot of my AdSense earnings for the current month;

AdSense Earnings for the past month


Why are my AdSense Earnings so Low?

As you can see in the above screenshot, my AdSense earnings are hardly worth writing home about. Indeed, I would have already given up on the whole thing save for the fact that making money through AdSense is effortless and there is nothing wrong with earning even an extra 2 cents. So, why are my AdSense earnings so low?

  1. My website is still relatively young. At 2 years, I still need another six or so years in order to turn it into a real earner. As I mention in another article, there is a direct relationship between domain age and search engine success.
  2. Consequently, my traffic is still also relatively low. At an average of 150 visitors per day, this site could surely do with a lot of growth. The good news is that the Math is fairly simple. Boost traffic on this website to 1500 visitors per day, and I could increase my earnings to around $100 per month. Take it to 15000 viewers per day, and I could be talking making a living through AdSense.
  3. Another reason why my earnings remain so low is that I only have one website. You may want to, as you begin your blogging adventure, come up with a number of creations to spread both the risks and the chances of success.

Should I disable AdSense on our site?

So, considering the measly amounts that I am earning, should I disable AdSense on my website? Well, as already mentioned, the 2 cents that I am making per day are really effortless. There is no point, therefore, in me disabling AdSense at this juncture. Indeed, AdSense has turned out to be much more fruitful than all my other monetization ventures. I have already, as an example, been kicked out by both Commission Junction and Amazon Associates. Indeed, I am on the verge of being kicked off Amazon Associates one more time for failing to sell anything. So, there you have it!

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