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How to Check Security Issues on your Website

Keeping your site secure and free of malware is one of your biggest tasks as a webmaster. Security issues come in a variety of forms. We have previously talked about how you can remove malware from a WordPress website. The thing to remember is that having malware can be devastating to the performance of your website in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Security problems can get your website penalized by Google

The truth of the matter is that Google will penalize your site should it become infected by malware. Once your site has been hacked, Google will start showing a warning to its users. This will, obviously, have a severe impact on your traffic.

How to check for security issues

In order to check if your website has security issues, all that you need to do is sign up for Google Search Console, which was previously known as “Webmaster Tools.” Search Console puts on your fingertips a wide range of tools, including everything that you need to resolve security issues on your site.

Signing up for Google Search Console

The steps that you need in order to sign up for Google Search Console are outlined in the article in the above link. Once you have signed up, you then need to add your “Properties” or websites. This allows Google to then check out a wide range of issues on your site, all of which are useful for the effective management of your site.

Checking for security Issues

To check for the presence of security issues, simply sign into Search Console. Next, click on the property that you wish to check out. In your Dashboard, you then need to click on “Security Issues.” If there are any security problems on your site, you will see notification to the effect in the pane to the right of your screen. Otherwise, you will be told that there are no current issues with your site.

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