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Cheap Rank Tracker: Cheapest SEO tools for your website

Affordable Rank Tracking with RankTrackr

Most website owners will be aware of the importance of keeping sight of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) performance for their target keywords. However, the truth is that rank tracking can be rather expensive. Many of the tools that are out there cost beginning from $99 per month. While this probably won’t be too much for established sites, beginner bloggers may find it an unacceptable price to pay for rank monitoring services. Fortunately, it is possible for you to find a cheap rank tracker out there. And, of these, none is more affordable and does the job better than RankTrackr.

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Cheap Rank Tracker Review: RankTrackr

So, how much does RankTrackr cost? RankTrackr comes with two options, as far as rank tracking subscriptions are concerned;

  1. Monthly Billing

Should you choose to go for the monthly billing option, you can expect to pay beginning at $19 per month for RankTrackr’s services. Now, that’s a pretty cheap rank tracker, isn’t it? The screenshot below gives a clearer picture of RankTrackr’s monthly pricing structure.

Cheap Rank Checker RankTrackr is one of the cheapest Rank Trackers that can be found out there
Cheap Rank tracker: RankTrackr is one of the cheapest Rank Trackers that can be found out there
  1. Annual Billing

If, on the other hand, you wish to settle for the annual billing option, you can expect to make savings of up to 20% on your subscriptions. The screenshot below shows the annual billing rates on all plans;

Cheap Rank Tracker Annual billing: RankTrackr is the cheapest rank tracking tool that can be found out there
Cheap Rank Tracker: RankTrackr is one of the most affordable pagerank checkers that can be found out there

Which Option do we Recommend?

To those who are just signing up for the first time, we recommend the month by month subscription option. We know you will love it, but first get a feel of what RankTrackr has to offer before making the leap to the cheaper, annual billion option.

What do you get with RankTrackr’s cheapest rank tracking service?

RankTrackr’s starter plan gives you the following;

  • 100 keywords
  • 20 websites
  • highest accuracy
  • email support

RankTrackr Features

The following are some of RankTrackr’s other features;

  • Local Tracking
  • Search Volume
  • Client Reports
  • Historical Overview
  • Report Scheduling
  • Email Reports
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customization
  • White-Label Reporting

Features Overview

If you have been around the Search Engine Optimization terrain for any given amount of time, you will know that your success wholly depends on your ability to gather and exploit all the data that you can find on yours and your competitors’ performance.

  1. Competitor Analysis is, therefore, one of the features that make RankTrackr such a powerful SEO tool. With this feature, you get the ability to keep track of your competitors and how well they are performing with regards to your chosen keywords.

Competitor Tracking with RankTrackr

  1. Local Tracking, is another must have SEO feature that you will get with RankTrackr’s affordable rank tracking service. This is of particular importance for localized businesses. If, as an example, you run a restaurant that only operates within a particular area, there will really be no need for you to waste time tracking your global performance.

Track Local Rankings with RankTrackr

  1. White Label Reporting: This is a really great feature for those who are looking for a cheap rank tracker. It gives you the ability to run your own rank tracking business by piggybacking on RankTrackr’s software. With this, you actually get reports that have your own business’ logo. These can also be emailed to your clients across the globe. What’s more, your clients will never know that they are  using RankTrackr. All they see are reports and emails that bear your company’s logo!
  2. Historical Overview: With the historical overview feature from RankTrackr, people who are looking for a cheap rank tracker get the ability to look at historical data about movements in their SERPs performance. This is useful, as it can help them identify those of their strategies that have been contributing towards the positive movement in their ranks. 

Go for It!

At Network Bees, we have been using RankTrackr’s cheap rank tracking services for some time. That’s not only because it is a cheap rank tracker, but also because it offers features that are even more powerful than can be found in more expensive SEO tools. We are, therefore, quite confident in recommending this amazing tool to those of our readers who are on the hunt for a cheap rank tracker. Think we are exaggerating? Why not take the 10 day trial option by clicking on the banner below to see for yourself how great RankTrackr is;

Get your Ten Day Free RankTrackr Trial Now!

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